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Duplicate Photos Fixer

  • What does Duplicate Photos Fixer do?
  • How to scan for duplicates?
  • Can I compare photos from different time slabs?
  • Are slightly photoshopped photos taken into consideration while displaying the results?
  • What sorts of photos are detected as similar?
  • Are detected photos deleted permanently?
  • I'm unable to add photos from my iPhoto Library

Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto

  • What does Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto do?
  • How to scan for duplicates?
  • How do I remove found duplicates from the iPhoto Library?
  • Does removing duplicates from iPhoto Library free up disk space?
  • Does Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto find duplicates of modified photos in iPhoto?
  • I used the program but I still have duplicate photos in my iPhoto library?
  • Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto cannot continue as the library is different than the one in iPhoto

Photos Duplicate Cleaner

  • What does Photos Duplicate Cleaner do?
  • How to scan for duplicates?
  • How do I remove found duplicate photos from my Mac?
  • Does removing duplicate photos from Mac free up disk space?
  • How can I scan my external drive for duplicates?
  • The program does not scan my iPhoto library. How can I remove duplicates from the iPhoto library?

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